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Fisheries Management

The Impact of Aquaculture on the Environment: A Ghanaian Perspective

Posted on: 15 May, 2017 9:44 am

Aquaculture has over the years been able to offset the deficits in national fish production all over the world. There have been substantial socio-economic benefits arising from the expansion of aquaculture. Previously seen as a solution to capture fisheries which has over the years caused significant ecological changes to the environment, aquaculture has now been identified to pose equally the same problems, or even worse in some cases. The study reviews some deleterious effects of aquaculture and assesses the impact of the increasing practice of aquaculture on the world’s environments and the possibility of its occurrence in the Ghanaian environment. Recommendations are made in line with good aquaculture practices seen elsewhere around the world.



Name of Author(s):
Michael Dabi and Sheena Edem Anita Dzorvakpor
Institutional Affiliation:

Evangelical Presbyterian University College, Ghana

Type of Publication:
Journal Article
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The International Journal Of Science & Technology
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