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Coastal Issues & Management

A Literature Review on Wetlands in Accra

Posted on: 12 Apr, 2017 3:48 pm

This literature review was conducted to identify important wetlands in the Greater Accra Region and to illustrate dominant research trends, prevailing perspectives and corresponding research gaps. Six wetlands systems were identified as most significant lagoon systems, namely the Densu Delta, Sakumo, Muni-Pomadze, Keta, Korle and Songor Lagoons. Research foci for each of the respective wetlands were extrapolated and summarized in a category system. The frequency of different categories illustrates that natural science’s perspectives dominate, as most of Accra’s lagoons have been studied with regard to their ecological, physical and chemical properties. The development of research interest over time and focus on ecological baseline conditions are related to the designation of Ramsar Sites and orientation of national policies towards environmental protection. A research gap was identified, as studies link their findings to human activities but neglect the connection between governance variables and environmental developments. It is suggested to expand the natural science’s perspective on Accra’s wetlands to account for social and political aspects in order to develop a holistic and more sustainable management strategy.


A Literature Review on Wetlands in Accra
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Viviana Wiegleb
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Governance and Sustainability Lab. Trier University
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Technical Paper
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WaterPower Working Paper, No. 5.
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