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Optimization of dugout fisheries for climate change adaptation in Northern Region, Ghana

Posted on: 22 Mar, 2017 4:30 pm

The fisheries sector is one of the climate sensitive areas that could be impacted by climate change. Increases in temperature, floods or drought will alter water level/availability for growth and survival of most fishes in dugouts. Adaptation strategies are needed to respond or cope with actual and projected dwindling of inland fish stock. Northern Ghana abounds with numerous dugouts and reservoirs which could be harnessed for higher fish production in view of climate change. A Tilapia is proliferous fish that can tolerate harsh climatic conditions including fluctuating water levels and high temperature. This paper assesses Tilapia; Oreochromis niloticus for fish stock enhancement in water stress dugouts. Effects on fish stocks was determined through fish catch assessment and water quality monitoring. Total fish catch was sorted into species, enumerated and weighed. Results showed that the survival rate of the Tilapia (O. niloticus) stocked under extensive culture system was 99.6% excluding predation. This study indicates that O. niloticus was ideal for fish stock enhancement and could be adopted to increase fish yield, improve adaptation to climate change and increase economic returns from dugout fisheries. The study also revealed that water quality of dugouts improved due to good fishery management intervention.


Optimization of dugout fisheries for climate change adaptation in Northern Region, Ghana
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Etornyo Agbeko 1, Kwadwo Kwarfo-Apegyah 1, Daniel Nsoh Akongyuure 2
Institutional Affiliation:
1 Council for Scientific and Industrial Research - Water Research Institute, Accra, Ghana;
2 University for Development Studies, Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources Management, Tamale, Ghana.
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Journal Article
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Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Management
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