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Fisheries Management

Research and extension linkages in Ghana’s agricultural development: The case of marine fisheries

Posted on: 12 Dec, 2017 7:20 pm

Measures instituted by the Government of Ghana since 1984 and through the Ministry of Food & Agriculture (MOFA) for efficient research and extension linkages in the marine fisheries sub-sector are examined. In 1984, MOFA initiated the Medium Term Agricultural Development Programme (MTADP) to provide a focus for policy and institutional reforms to fully realize the agricultural and fisheries potential of the country.

Several projects have been implemented by the MOFA over the past decade to fulfil the goals of the MTADP. Institutions involved in marine fishery research have been strengthened through the National Agricultural Research Project (NARP) to carry out their research activities efficiently.

MOFA adopted a Unified Agricultural Extension System (UAES) in 1991 and initiated the National Agricultural Extension Project in 1992 to implement the UAES. Research — Extension Linkage Committes (RELCs) were formed through the NAEP to ensure that research work addresses the problems of the fishers and farmers. Bi-Monthly Technical Review Meetings (BMTRM) are held between researchers, extensionists, fishers and farmers to discuss technical problems in the sector.


Read full report https://doi.org/10.1016/S1570-0461(02)80048-9

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S.N.K. Quaatey
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Book Section
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Large Marine Ecosystems, Elsevier
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