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Value Chain Analysis of Captured Shrimp and Tilapia from Keta Lagoon in Ghana

Posted on: 10 Apr, 2017 9:25 am

The study examines the value chain analysis of captured shrimp and tilapia from Keta Lagoon in Ghana. The research employs cross sectional study design including simple random sampling and stratification of the sample frame. The sample frame for the research include: fishermen, agents, traders and fish processors. Data was sampled from seven major fishing communities: Anloga. Lashibi, Fiahor, Kedzikope, Tegbi, Kordzi, Deta and Woe along the Lagoon between November 2014 and February 2015. Data was collected with designed semi-structured questionnaires on socio-economic characteristics, costs & benefits, marketing channel of shrimp and tilapia and challenges in fishing. A total of 70 canoe owners, 14 agents, 35 traders and 35 processors were sampled. Economic analysis of shrimp and tilapia fishing shows that both total investment cost and revenue for shrimp was higher than tilapia. The price per kilogramme of the former was higher than the later. Return on investment for Shrimp and tilapia were 1.05 and 1.10 respectively. Shrimp fishermen made US$2.9 margin more than those of tilapia. Also, retailers of shrimp made US$4.2 more margin than the retailers of tilapia. The sector is faced with decline in fish stock, sizes, catch and pollution of the lagoon environment among others. The lagoon fishing is profitable because the fishermen employed few fishing inputs. Shrimp is more profitable than tilapia. Within the value chain of both fish species, retailers made the highest margin with the least being the fishermen. The price per kilogram of shrimp was far higher than that of tilapia because is high value fish species. It is recommended that there should be implementation of close seasons to enhance fish growth and recovery of fish stock to boost catch thereby improving income of actors within the value chain. There is the need to also regulate the sector.


Value Chain Analysis of Captured Shrimp and Tilapia from Keta Lagoon in Ghana
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Hayford Agbekpornu, Doris Yeboah, Samuel Quaatey, Abednego Pappoe and Joseph Effah Ennin
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Journal Article
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Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology
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