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Contributing to FishCoMGhana

  • Persons and organisations working on fisheries and coastal management issues and other related fields in Ghana may contribute to FishCoMGhana.
  • People can contribute data to FishCoMGhana by sending copies of their works to the Centre for Coastal Management, University of Cape Coast through the administrator of this site (Rob, for administrator please provide email, postal address of Dr. Acheampong as hyperlink).
  • Information on FishCoMGhana is accessible to the general public. Contributors are therefore advised to be mindful of the sensitivity of information they submit.
  • Data can be submitted in any of the following formats:
    • Word document
    • PDF
    • credible
    • Speadsheets
    • Audio-visual (e.g., MPEG, JPEG, GIF)
  • Data should be submitted with the following detail:
    • Name, institutional affiliation of author(s)
    • Name, institutional affiliation of corresponding author
    • Year of data collection (if unpublished)
    • Year of publication
    • Research area
  • FishCoMGhana does not buy data nor provide financial incentives for acquisition of data for the site. However, by contributing, authors will have their works freely publicised. They will also have privileged access to other works.
  • FishCoMGhana does not claim ownership or rights to the data sets or information it publishes. Intellectual property rights remain with the authors.